Rani Rasoi - Our Splendid Khandala Restaurant

the indoor seating space at the restaurant - Zara's Resort 1
the indoor seating space at the restaurant - Zara's Resort

A flavoursome journey begins for you at Rani Rasoi - a Khandala restaurant that serves the authentic taste of India in each platter. Our resident chef whips up some of the most pleasant recipes from his cookbook for our guests to savour. With authentic Indian and global cuisines being served in style, Zara's is the best restaurant in Lonavala for dinner and other appetizing meals. Our specialities lie in the preparation of the finest cuisines from across the globe like Arabic, Chinese, and Italian, Mughlai.

Never miss out on our famous 'Raan Mandi Kabsa with Rice' and 'Chicken Mandi Kabsa with Rice' which has easily propelled us to the list of one of the best restaurants in Khandala. We also have another trump card, the 'Full Arabic Goat' dish that we prepare on special request from our guests, which is without a doubt, finger-licking good!

Apart from serving the best food in Khandala, it is one of the best places to eat in Khandala. Why? Because of our exhaustive menu of Indian and global delicacies, our well behaved and polite staff, whose role is not only to serve you food but also ensure you have an amazing time and most important of all, the view! With a view of a lush green environment, Rani Rasoi is not just for eating food, it makes you enjoy your food and relish every bite. So go crazy with the orders as our menu is shaped to fill your appetite as well as your heart!