Experience the Wilderness in Khandala

aerial view of a forest with a stream flowing through it

If you love mountains and want to get lost in the magical world of trekking, Khandala in Maharashtra is a place you should visit. Situated along the lush green environment of the Western Ghats, it is a stunning hill station in Maharashtra that has a lot to offer adventure enthusiasts. There are many lovely trek trails in Khandala that will definitely take your breath away. So wear your favourite shoes and head into the wilderness.

the summit of a hill

Treks in Khandala

Owing to its high altitude and undulated terrain, Khandala is famous for its treks. These trails are frequented by history buffs, fun-lovers, adventurers, and photography enthusiasts. Several ancient rock-cut caves dating to roughly the second century BC sprawl across the area. The Bhaja caverns are a collection of 22 caves, while the Kalra caves are a complex of prehistoric Indian and Buddhist rock-cut cave sanctuaries. Explore these historical sites during your treks near Khandala and prepare to have your breath taken away.

bird's eye view of a road along the ghats

Rajmachi Fort Trek

Rajmachi trek, Lonavala connects the picturesque hill station with Karjat, another well-known hill resort in Maharashtra. The fort in Rajmachi is located at an elevation of around 830 m, and the trek is 16 kilometres long. As you climb up the trail, the forest clears and you are greeted with a verdant sprawling landscape as far as your eyes go. A trek along Rajmachi Point, Khandala is a memorable experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

the summit of a hill

Duke's Nose

One of the most famous treks near Khandala, Duke’s Nose gets its unusual name from a former Duke of Wellington. Also referred to by locals as Nagphani, its spectacular vistas invite trekkers from all over the country. If you are an adventurous soul, you can also indulge in activities like rappelling, rock climbing and camping. It is highly recommended to go on this trip during monsoon to experience the serene and misty weather at its best.

view from the top of a cliff

Tiger's Leap

Approximately 8 miles from Lonavala, Tiger's Leap viewpoint is one of the most famous treks in Khandala. It is located on a cliff with a sheer drop of more than 650 m and provides a stunning view of the Western Ghats and its lush meadows. It is renowned for having beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset, especially on clear days. If you are trekking in the monsoon or early winter, the whole place is covered in fog which gives it a mystical attire. Several camping options are available on top to make your trip not only thrilling but a memorable experience.

Maharashtra is home to many other scenic locations that offer numerous adventures and memories. After a long day of exploring the various treks near Lonavala, enjoy a well-earned rest in the well-equipped and lavish rooms at Zara’s Resort, Khandala.