The Mystical Monsoon in Khandala

a person walking down a road while it rains

A hill station adorned with lush verdure and greenery, Lonavala Khandala in monsoon becomes more mystical and astounding. As the green valleys find more vibrance and the mountain tops embrace the raindrops, Lonavala becomes a peak season during the rainy months - June to September.

During the monsoon, the entire town becomes lush green and abundant with sporadic downpours. If you are in Maharashtra during the monsoon, Khandala is the haven that you must explore. From relaxing in cottages to going out for a rain-soaked nature walk, the monsoon in Khandala is a dream getaway!

a panoramic view of hills 1

Although Khandala maintains a pleasant temperature throughout the year, visiting the stunning hill station during the monsoon is an experience in itself. As the month of June nears, intermittent rainfall continues in the hilly town till late September. The environment becomes more vibrant and enticing. As far as your eyes can see, you can witness fresh lush green valleys and rain-soaked wild vegetation. Khandala’s monsoon is the best time to explore this hilly townlet.

a couple seated at th edge of a cliff with a foggy backdrop

Imagine waking up in a resort. As you pull the blinds from the window, a fit of fog engulfs you, petrichor embraces the air around and the sound of pitter-patter echoes against the window panes! Resorts like Zara’s Resort offers mountain-view rooms that let you experience this. Brew yourself a cup of hot coffee in the room and enjoy the romantic weather outside. Spend the bewitched morning with your loved ones and explore the treasures hidden in monsoon-struck Khandala.

a group of people trekking amidst greenery

Khandala’s serene surroundings and rich cultural history also make it a popular destination. Khandala in monsoon is one of the best times to go out for an adventurous hike amid the wilderness. Duke's Nose, one of the trekker's paradises is located between Lonavala and Khandala. As you walk on the trail you will be completely enveloped in thick mist, and the view beyond is mesmerizing. As the trekker ascends, you will have a panoramic view of the Mumbai-Pune highway and the surrounding lush green Sahyadri peaks. Some of the other treks that you can visit are Tikona Fort, Tamhini Ghats, and Bhimashankar.

view of a waterfall cascading down rocks

Lonavala Khandala in rainy season opens doors to something more exhilarating. It's then when the waterfalls are overflowing with water and cascading down the towering mountain slopes. Falling down from 200 metres, Kune Waterfalls is one of the most famous cascades that demand a visit during the monsoon season. This waterfall forms a pool where you can swim and bathe in the rain. If your heart is not content with just one cascade, you can also make a trip to some of the other monsoon waterfalls like Kataldhar Waterfall, Madap Waterfall and Lonavala Lake.