Khandala’s Breathtaking Sunset Points

a panoramic view of a hill station with lush greenery everywhere

Hill stations allow us to bask in unparalleled panoramas of the world below. What makes these views even better is when they are accompanied by bedazzling sunsets or sunrises. The golden rays of the sun dancing off the green of the leaves and the white of the fluffy clouds create a picture-perfect backdrop to gift you an unforgettable memory. Khandala is also no stranger to beautiful sunsets and there are specific locations where you can enjoy these sunsets in their full glory. These places are a must in your itinerary for Khandala and are best enjoyed either in the evening or early morning.

a panoramic view of a hill station with lush greenery everywhere 2

The Tiger’s Leap

One of the most frequented places in Khandala, the Tiger’s Leap is truly a treat to the eyes. The name of this valley originates from its resemblance to a tiger leaping into the valley. This viewpoint is a little removed from Lonavala but is worth the trip. You get an uninterrupted view of the surrounding Western Ghats from a height of 650m above sea level. It is a perfect spot to enjoy a serene Khandala sunset. The wide-stretching scenery will be etched on your memories forever. Another unique feature about this destination is the echo point. Yell your name out into the void and hear it being yelled back from the valley!

a panoramic view of a hill station with lush greenery everywhere 1

Duke’s Nose

This Khandala sunset point has many names and it has all to do with the shape the natural landscape formation takes. It is called Naagphani or Cobra’s hood besides Duke’s Nose, the latter of which came from its resemblance to the nose of the Duke of Wellington. To reach Duke’s Nose, travellers take a short but refreshing hike up a hilly terrain. The trail itself presents various breathtaking views but once you reach the top you will find your efforts bearing mesmerising results. The scene that unfolds before you is that of the valley below surrounded by the lush green hills of the Western Ghats. All in all it makes for an unforgettable picture which you will be able to cherish for a long time.

Khandala Ghat View Point

Perhaps the most famous amongst sunset points in Khandala is Khandala Ghat. This scenic location is just 900m from Zara’s Resort, an idyllic stay amidst the clouds. Located right on the National Highway 48 in Tiger Valley, Khandala Ghat presents with uplifting views of Khandala and the surrounding areas. Overlooking the Western Ghats, the location is perfect for photography. So make sure you bring your camera along with you! There are also several street food stalls around the location selling delicious corn and other treats. Indulge in these snacks while basking in the beauty of the sunset.

a sunset view point with hills surrounding

The sunset points in Khandala deliver a complete experience for those who enjoy hilly panoramas enveloped in the golden glory of sunsets. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and come enjoy these pristine locations now!